A New Kind of Space


We wanted to create a unique space for the Brighton community. Our mission was to create somewhere sustainable and accessible. Whilst playing with peoples imagination.

How we roll

We’ve partnered with Craftwork Projects, a Brighton based company who specialise in building film sets to create something really special.

We love the element of un known and we love surprise. We like to live without boundaries. That was our brief and this is the result.

Our space is based in a very unique place. Somewhere you wouldn’t expect it to be.

Behind a door in Brightons old Kemptown train tunnel is the Humankind studio. It has cctv, security gates and parking.

You see we said we like the unexpected

Our mission is to create more Humankind Studios around the country and even maybe the world. And as we grow we will introduce new ways to use Humankind to help our communities.

We are a new business with big ambitions. All these ambitions will involve being kind to our planet and fellow humans.