One to one Yoga lesson (1 hour) & One to one PT session (1 hour)

Weekly one to one yoga lesson with Humankind founder Gurulou along with a personal training session with resident fitness coach Kalvin Crooks. This perfect combination of exercise promotes strength, flexibility, a calmer mind and an opportunity to be humankind to yourself.

Price £50 per week for 2 hours training (Usually £75 per week for two one to one sessions)

Yoga with Gurulou

  • Develop a weekly practice suited to your physical and mental being. Boosting your confidence in a class studio environment and home practice

  • Promote relief from anxiety and depression using the physical practice and meditation

  • Help diagnose muscular and skeletal issues that might not be noticed in a class environment

  • Focus on pranayama (Breathing) and introduce these techniques into your practice so you can understand the benefits

  • Weekly home practice suggestions to take away with you

PT session with Kalvin Crooks

  • Explore the different fat burning/ muscle building methods suited to your body type

  • Fun yet challenging exercise environment to ensure all get a great workout with a high element of enjoyment

  • Strategic and tailored training programmes you can do at home/in the gym

  • 1 solid hour of exercise focused around your goals, including tips and technique analysis.

  • Reducing stress, improving sleep and overall well-being