A Celebration of All that is

A Sensual Candlelit Cacao Ceremony

With Annabelle Nicoll, Garden of Alchemy

Saturday 21st September 3pm - 6pm (£35)

If you are called to this beautiful, candle lit, sensual Cacao ceremony then bring your heart, your intentions and an open mind.

Celebration is a well sought-after experience in our culture but often lacking in heart centeredness and wholeness. Come explore what celebration means to you, how to cultivate a life that is a celebration of all that is. Come and celebrate with Mamma Cacao.

Ceremonial grade cacao is a soft plant medicine which allows the heart chakra to cleanse and restore to its full potential, you will be guided on a journey deep into yourselves to access your truth and purpose for the coming year.

  • We will open with deep prayer and gratitude, re-connecting with our Spiritual purpose in life

  • We will take time to ask questions and sit with the Cacao relaxing our minds and observing what thoughts flicker through, what divine information lands in you

  • This is a journey where you will experience the soft heartedness of cacao merging with the healing vibrations of essential oils and sound guiding you deeper into yourself to discover your hearts truth

  • A time for sharing, a safe space if anything arises from old wounds surfaces, grief needed to be felt or plans that need to be activated

  • This is a journey into the heart of the fire that burns within you to ignite and restore you on your path with love and activations to help you show up in the world with more connectedness, purpose and willingness to own your truth as a reality and start to live from that place with motivation and togetherness

  • In the container of ceremony we will work with rituals, intentions and prayers, letting go of which no longer serves us and be witnessed in the calling in of new visions and inspirations and celebration

Drinking ceremonial grade cacao helps you to access the wisdom of your higher heart, and bring balance where it is needed, re connecting you with passionate compassion.

Email for further information: info@gardenofalchemy.com